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Let’s switch to English

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Hello sweeties,

It’s time for the blog to switch to English. The site will follow, to allow everyone to benefit from it.

Let’s make introductions.
Welcome to O’Kryn Plush.

But, actually, what is it? Well, it’s the new « batcave » for learning to sew a bit of childish magic. Soft toys are, for me, one of the key elements of childhood.
We have all, or almost all, had a cuddly toy, THE cuddly that has stayed with us from cradle to middle school. He is the confidant, the friend, the one who is always there in times of laughter or sorrow.
Aside from THIS cuddly toy, there are also all the others. The adorable teddy who takes tea, the friendly monster who ravages the miniature city and the one who is blamed for the disorder.
You know them ?

But do you really know them? Where does their fur come from? Who sewed them? Is there really love behind those plastic eyes?
I will allow you to answer these questions. I will allow you to offer the best friend there is to your little ones.

Choose the materials and colors. I take care of the technique and style.
Everything has been tested, let yourself be guided.