Dentine EN – Teething ring decoration


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Dentine is a pattern for decorating teething ring with a little bat wing.
Simple, easy and fast.

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With 2 Dentine wings, make a little teething bat.
You don’t have any children, make a keychain out of it!

All of the steps are illustrated with detailed photos for a better understanding. Tips are provided to simplify sewing.
The pattern is printable in actual size (A4 or letter) with the seam allowances included (and shown). The parts can be used directly after cutting.


Difficulty: beginner level
If you follow the instructions, everything will be fine, even if you are a total beginner  🙂
Video tutorials (with english subtitles) are listed in the manual to see the more technical steps from another angle.

Approximate completion time: 15-20 min (varies according to each ).

Pattern (sewing) in downloadable document (pdf) only. Requires printer.
Digital document with 9 printable pages including instructions and pattern (1 page), A4 & letter format.
Does not contain the finished decoration or fabrics.


Reserved for personal use. Commercial use prohibited. 

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